In 2010, four years after the law creating the Paris School of Economics (Ecole d’économie de Paris) as a unique entity gathering several research centers in economics and several master and PhD programs, some students of the school decide to consolidate this entity and maintain the link that gathered all graduated students by creating a cross-programs association: PSE Alumni.

Its goals are ambitious: starting from scratch, volunteers gathered to foster the common identity of PSE alumni, reconnect with alumni who graduated from the historical and founder programs, and offer a platform of connection to allow PSE and its students to widen their personal and professional opportunities.

About our mission

Created under the French regime of “Loi 1901”, it is a non-profit organisation. As mentioned in the article 5 of Constitution document, its goals are “to promote a spirit of mutual aid and solidarity among people who graduated at the Paris School of Economics, to contribute to spreading PSE’s image and influence in France and abroad, to contribute to its members’ professional development, to help current PSE students, and more generally and beyond its only members’ community, to contribute within the Society to the discussion on current economical, social and cultural issues at stake.” In pursuing its goals, PSE Alumni commit to promote open-mindedness, objectivity, and neutrality.

Board and Volunteers

PSE Alumni is administrated by a board gathering the director of PSE and PSE programs directors or their representatives. The members of the Council of Administration of PSE Alumni work on implementing the Association’s development.

PSE Alumni Association CA Members

  • President: Floriane Jouy-Gelin
  • Vice President: Clément Gras
  • Treasurer: Xavier Koch
  • Secretary: Laura Ahlborn
  • Chief of communications: Ilaria Dal Barco
  • Chief of international relations: Youssef El Jai
  • Chief of events: Rafael Schütz

Constitutional document

Being a PSE Alumni member allows you to benefit from a unique connection platform within PSE.

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