Abhijit Surya: making the most of his knowledge and skills

Abhijit Surya (APE 2017) – Senior Analyst, The Economist Intelligence Unit – The EIU. Access his personal website or LinkedIn profile.

After graduating from St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai from a Bachelor in economics, Abhijit Surya continued his graduate studies at Aix-Marseille School of Economics – AMSE. Ranked among the best students of his class, he graduated from M1, specialization in econometrics. Eager to evolve in a stimulating university environment, he chose to join PSE for his M2 in 2016. He knew that he would also have the opportunity to meet and learn from several renowned professors amongst whom François Bourguignon who will later become his master thesis supervisor. He joined the Master APE – Economic Analysis and Policy because he wanted to acquire a diploma that would be useful to him no matter the choice that he would make for his future: enroll in a doctorate or start a professional career.

In the summer of 2016, he completed an internship in the Economic and Policy Research Department of the Reserve Bank of India – RBI, shortly after it formally adopted an Inflation Targeting (IT) regime. He then worked on the production of a research paper on the impact of such a regime on food price inflation in developing economies. This was a very fruitful experience that gave him not only the opportunity to test his theoretical and technical knowledge but also to publish the results of his research in the Journal of Governance and Regulation (1).

After obtaining his Master’s degree in 2017, Abhijit was looking for a job that would allow him to make the most of the knowledge and skills acquired. A research-oriented position offered by the Economist Intelligence Unit – EIU then caught his attention. He applied and joined the EIU as a Research Analyst in 2017. While most of his work initially focused on macroeconomic forecasting, he later had the opportunity to expand his activities to operational risk analysis, sovereign risk assessments and scenario planning.

Promoted to Analyst in 2019, then Senior Analyst in 2020, Abhijit  now conducts research on public finance, labor economics and the study of economic and financial crises, mainly in emerging markets in Latin America – a professional challenge fullfilled with success !

Reference : (1) Surya, Abhijit M. (2017), “The impact of inflation targeting framework on food price inflation : evidence from developing economies”, Journal of Governance and Regulation, 6 (4) : 53-60

Edited by Paris School of Economics – Lettre PSE number 44