Philipp Ketz becomes professor at PSE

After five years as Assistant professor at PSE, Philipp Ketz, scholar of economic theory, has become a permanent researcher – as PSE professor and CNRS research fellow.

After completing a Masters in econometrics and operations research at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands in 2009, and a second in economics at Brown University in the US in 2011, Philipp Ketz continued his studies at Brown as a PhD candidate under the supervision of Frank Kleibergen. He defended his thesis entitled “Subvector inference when the true parameter vector is near or at the boundary” in 2015.

His work chiefly concerns choice and the parametrisation of theoretical models, with a view to making them more precise. These models can be applied in a great number of economic areas, for example in the automobile, real estate and donor organ markets. He develops new methods aimed at building intervals of confidence adapted for certain economic models in order to quantify sampling uncertainties. He highlights the necessary flexibility of the Logit model thanks to its random coefficients, taking into account consumers’ heterogenous preferences, and the relevance of new approaches when the model’s parameters are subject to certain restrictions. His research results have been published in major international journals such as the Journal of Econometrics.

His current work includes:

  • Detailed Decomposition of Differences in Distribution: A Causal Interpretation (with Blaise Melly)
  • Measurement Error and Omitted Variable Bias in Nonlinear Models (with Blaise Melly)
  • Measuring sex-selective abortion: How many women abort? (with Aditi Dimri and Véronique Gille)
  • Subvector inference in GARCH-X type models

Philipp Ketz is also involved in teaching. He is responsible for the courses in econometrics, econometric methods and machine learning, at several levels (specialist university internships, Masters 1 and Masters 2) at PSE. He also co-ordinates the international econometrics seminar, and in recent years, has co-organised the international seminar Labour and Public Economics and other events, including the 10th international French Econometrics Conference (November 2018).