D-TEA Conference 2020 “Prospect Theory” (16-19 June)

D-TEA (Decision: Theory, Experiments, Applications) is an annual workshop dealing with decision sciences, held by HEC, Paris. It aims to promote dialogs between theory, experimental findings, and applications (where “applications” might mean actual decision making as well as the construction of theoretical or empirical models in the social sciences). One of D-TEA’s goals is to highlight recent development in the field, and bring together researchers who work on similar questions. To this end, D-TEA has an annual “theme”, and it gives priority to papers related to the theme.

This year’s D-TEA Conference will focus on:

Prospect Theory

Date: June 16-19, 2020, 3pm-6pm (CET, GMT+2)
Location: Zoom Online Meeting


Tuesday, June 16

Chair: Mohammed ABDELLAOUI

15:00‐15:15 Lionel PAGEIf You Can You Must: The Evolutionary Foundation of Reference Point Choice and Loss Aversion (w/ Greg KUBITZ)
15:15‐15:30 Taisuke IMAIMeta‐Analysis of Empirical Estimates of Loss‐aversion (w/ Alexander BROWN, Ferdinand VIEIDER, Colin CAMERER)
15:30‐15:45 Ulrich SCHMIDTHyperbolic Loss Aversion (w/ Jan KRAUSE, Patrick RING)
15:45‐16:00 Kfir TSHUVAThe Complexity of Choice and Loss Aversion
16:00‐16:15 Aurélien BAILLONLeveraging Probability Distortion to Target Prevention? Evidence from a Lottery Experiment on Cardiovascular Risk (w/ Joseph CAPUNO, Aleli KRAFT, Jenny KUDYMOWA, Owen O’DONNELL)
16:15‐16:30 Maik DIERKESThe Need for Discontinuous Probability Weighting Functions: How Cumulative Prospect Theory is Torn Between the Allais Paradox and the St. Petersburg Paradox (w/ Vulnet SEJDIU)
16:30‐16:45 Break
16:45‐17:00 Mark KIRSTEINWhat Are We Weighting for? A Mechanistic Model for Probability Weighting (w/ Alexander ADAMOU, Yonatan BERMAN, Ole PETERS)
17:00‐17:15 Atiye YEGANLOO: Probability Biases in Repeated Prisoner’s DilemmaGame
17:15‐17:30 David FREEMANRevealing Choice Bracketing (w/ Andrew ELLIS)
17:30‐17:45 Jian LIComparative Profitability of Product Disclosure Statements (w/ Anastasia BURKOVSKAYA)
17:45‐18:15 Invited talk – Daniel KAHNEMANProspect Theory

Wednesday, June 17

Chair: Stefania MINARDI

15:00‐15:15 Ilke AYDOGANPrior Beliefs and Ambiguity Attitudes in Decision from Experience
15:15‐15:30 Brian HILLEliciting Multiple Priors (w/ Mohammed ABDELLAOUI, Philippe COLO)
15:30‐15:45 Jan Christopher KOPSA Test of (Weak) Certainty Independence (w/ Christian KONIG‐ KERSTING, Stefan TRAUTMANN)
15:45‐16:00 Kirsten ROHDEAggregation over Risk and Time in Risky Intertemporal Choice: Which Order? (w/ Xiao YU)
16:00‐16:15 Yonatan BERMANRisk Preferences in Time Lotteries (w/ Mark KIRSTEIN)
16:15‐16:30 Yoram HALEVYThe Relation between Behavior under Risk and Over Time (w/ Anujit CHAKRABORTY, Kota SAITO)
16:30‐16:45 Break
16:45‐17:00 Yehuda IZHAKIAN: Knight Meets Sharpe: Capital Asset Pricing under Ambiguity
17:00‐17:15 Lasse MONONENState Dependent Utility and Ambiguity
17:15‐17:30 Pietro ORTOLEVAAmbiguous Information and Dilation: An Experiment (w/ Denis SHISHKIN)
17:30‐17:45 Craig FOXAmbiguity Aversion as Distaste for Epistemic Uncertainty
17:45‐18:15 Round TableRisk, Uncertainty, and Time: Is There a Unified Framework? w/ Yoram HALEVY, Mark MACHINA, Sujoy MUKERJI, John QUIGGIN

Thursday, June 18

Chair: Emmanuel KEMEL

15:00‐15:15 Lorenzo BASTIANELLOAn axiomatization of Cumulative Prospect Theory (w/ Alain CHATEAUNEUF, Bernard CORNET)
15:15‐15:30 Ido EREVSix Contradicting Deviations from Rational Choice, and the Impact of Experience (w/ Eyal ERT, Ori PLONSKY, Yefim ROTH)
15:30‐15:45 Emmanuel KEMEL: An Econometric Estimation of Prospect Theory for Natural Ambiguity (w/ Sofiia MUN)
15:45‐16:00 Immanuel LAMPEIntertemporal Prospect Theory (w/ Matthias WEBER)
16:00‐16:15 Leonidas SPILIOPOULOSIs Prospect Theory Domain‐general or Domain‐specific? The impact of complexity and uncertainty
16:15‐16:30 Sebastian EBERTSkewness Preferences in Choice under Risk (w/ Paul KAREHNKE)
16:30‐16:45 Break
16:45‐17:00 Ferdinand VIEIDIERAll Over the Map: A Worldwide Comparison of Risk Preferences (w/ Olivier L’HARIDON)
17:00‐17:15 David DILLENBERGERAn Explicit Representation for Disappointment Aversion and Other Betweenness Preferences (w/ Simone CERREIA‐VIOGLIO, Pietro ORTOLEVA)
17:15‐17:30 Indira PURIPreference for Simplicity
17:30‐17:45 Douglas BERNHEIMDirect Test of Cumulative Prospect Theory (w/ Charles SPRENGER)
17:45‐18:15 Invited talk – Peter WAKKERThe History of Prospect Theory
18:15‐18:45 Round TableDoes Prospect Theory Predict Well? w/ Mohammed ABDELLAOUI, Douglas BERNHEIM, Ido EREV, Daniel KAHNEMAN, Peter WAKKER

Friday, June 19

Chair: Brian HILL

15:00‐15:15 Soo Hong CHEWA Parsimonious Theory of Subjective Probability (w/ Jacob SAGI, Wang WENQIANG)
15:15‐15:30 Hendrik ROMMESWINKELPreference for Knowledge (w/ Hung‐Chi CHANG, Wen‐Tai HSU)
15:30‐15:45 Chen ZHAOBehavioral Neural Networks (w/ Sung‐Lin HSIEH, Shaowei KE, Zhaoran WANG)
15:45‐16:00 Chris STARMERInvestigating Choice Overload (w/ Robin CUBITT, Jörg WEBER)
16:00‐16:15 Peter CARADONNAThe Implications of Experimental Design for Choice Data
16:15‐16:30 Paul CHEUNGGuilt Moderation
16:30‐16:45 Break
16:45‐17:00 John REHBECKWhen Choices are Mistakes (w/ Kirby NIELSEN)
17:00‐17:15 Jose Heleno FAROThe Luce Model with Replicas
17:15‐17:30 Marina AGRANOVRanges of Preferences and Randomization (w/ Pietro ORTOLEVA)
17:30‐17:45 Igor KOPYLOVRevealed Delegation and Persuasion (w/ Erya YANG)
17:45‐18:15 Round TableWhere Should Decision Science Go From Here? w/ Soo Hong CHEW, Faruk GUL, Edi KARNI, David SCHMEIDLER