Malka Guillot-Netchine (APE 2013, PhD 2018), Post-doctoral researcher at ETH Zurich

After the French baccalaureate, Malka decided to move towards a scientific path and integrated a preparatory class in Mathematics. However this did not suit her: torn between her appetite for mathematics and literature, she preferred to redirect herself to a Arts and Social Sciences preparatory class (B/L). Malka then joined ENSAE, where she studied sociology & economics, a subject which attracted her more and more. Afterwards she wished to deepen her knowledge in this field and chose a double degree at the Paris School of Economics. This year was intense but she kept pace with it: her efforts would pay off since she joined the Institute of Public Policy at the end of her master’s degree to work on taxation and the labour market, topics on which she decided to carry out her PhD thesis from 2014. She wanted to do research in a dynamic field that is clearly rooted in public debate.

In 2016, Malka was a visiting PhD student at the London School of Economics. This has been a key moment in her thesis. As a result of this experience, she declared she has become more independent and has taken more time to improve and accomplish her work. While in England, complementary to the last two other years of doctoral studies at PSE, allowed her to affirm her desire to continue working in research. Today, she holds a post-doctoral position in Zurich. The use of new research methods, including data sciences, textual analysis and machine learning, was the reason she chose this first job once her thesis was completed. After a very promising start to her career, it remains to be seen which choices Malka will make for her future…

Malka Guillot-Netchine (APE 2013, PhD 2018)

Post-doct at l’ETH Zürich, Suisse

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