Isabelle Chort: « I have a wonderful job!»

Isabelle Chort, Lecturer, Université Paris-Dauphine.

Isabelle’s stay at PSE led her down the path of education and teaching. She truly doesn’t regret it at all! Following a B/L degree, Isabelle passed the entry exam at ENS Ulm in 2001 and chose to study economics at ENS and ENSAE, initially attracted by development issues and the roles of international institutions such as the World Bank. But the year off she took at Galatasaray University in Istanbul made her want to teach and intensified her interest in academic career. Having taken the courses of Pr. Sylvie Lambert at APE, it was quite natural that Isabelle asked in 2007 to enroll for a PhD in Economics on the topics of migration. Sylvie trusted and supervised her. Pr. Flore Gubert involved her in a survey project, giving her the opportunity to see the reality of data collection.
Whereas her research went on, Isabelle understood that this requirement of deepening switched with her career desires. During her PhD at PSE, she appreciated the international dimension of the school, the quality of research in applied economics and the relationships between researchers and PhD students. She still maintains ties with her friends, such as Karine Marazyan and Jean-Noël Senne, with whom she continues to collaborate on scientific articles.

In 2011, Isabelle obtained her doctorate and knew with certainty that she was the kind of person made for an academic career. She loves autonomy in work as much as contact with students. Being able to devote herself to research and teaching is an opportunity for success. It is therefore with enthusiasm that she joined as a lecturer the Université Paris-Dauphine in September 2012. She continued her research on migration and became interested in new topics, particularly in health economics. She is currently working with Pr. Bénédicte Apouey, member of PSE, they are both writing an article on the effects of housing prices on health in Europe.

Isabelle never has a dull moment … she guarantees it! But she is not about to leave this wonderful job!

Source: La Lettre PSE, Sept. 2015