A new start-up founded by a PSE alumni: discover Research Galaxxy!

PSE Alumni likes to talk about former students, their career paths and their inspiring experience. In this article, we will present the startup Research Galaxxy, founded a few weeks ago by Quentin Roquigny (alumnus 2010).


« Research Galaxxy: a new experience to make you love reading research »


Research Galaxxy is an early-stage startup aiming to allow Master students, PhD students and researchers to share critical summaries of research articles in economics with other individuals and with organizations.




Research Galaxxy started from two problems.

First, ask yourself how long you usually spend reading a research article. 2-3 hours maybe. Half-a-day more probably. Or even a whole day, if you have little experience in reading research or if you need to dig into the math… Anyone who has ever read a research paper knows how time-consuming it can be.

Second, what percentage of a given research article do you understand? maybe 95%, if you are a trained economist and practice high-level math every week. Likely 75% if you graduated a few years ago and spend most of your time doing something else than making or reading research.  Probably around 65% if management skills replaced your technical skills… That’s ok, you are not alone in this situation.

That’s why Research Galaxxy decided to spread a new kind of research product: critical summaries of research articles.

These critical summaries are written by individuals who have time to read research (basically, it is their job!) and who are well qualified to share their insights (basically, they are following or have followed a research career in economics)!


Since these are summaries, you will be able to read them in 10 minutes, maximum.

Since these are critical summaries, the authors’ critical point of view will help to make yours.   




  • Research Galaxxy is already selecting young talents to join its pool of contributors! So log in to apply (it’s free). You will get the opportunity to work for organizations looking for bright economists able to translate research for them.
  • If you want to see how Research Galaxxy can help you or your organization win time and understanding in reading research, check Research Galaxxy website!


Besides, as many early-stage startups, Quentin is looking for additional partners (who love research, entrepreneurship, web development or all three of them – see the job position published on our website) and he also loves constructive feedbacks, so do not hesitate to reach him personally: quentin [dot] roquigny [at] researchgalaxxy [dot] com